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4D behavior of composites

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Cone penetration in crushable sands

This project was the focus of my Ph.D. dissertation. The focus of this project was the experimental study of cone penetration in deep environments. Penetration experiments were carried out on three fully characterized silica sands in a half-cylindrical calibration chamber equipped with observation windows. The observation windows were used to capture digital images of the penetration process, and the collected images were analyzed using the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) analysis technique to obtain displacement and strain fields in the soil domain around the penetrometer. To quantify the crushing of particles and the evolution of sand fabric around the penetrometer, agar- and resin-impregnated samples were collected after the penetration experiment. These samples were scanned using an X-Ray Computed Tomography (XCT) scanner, and 3D tomography data from the XCT scanner were analyzed to quantify crushing and sample fabric around the penetrometer. 

Experimental Study of Cone Penetration in Sands

Cone penetration in sands visualized with DIC and XCT

Sample Preparation in Calibration Chamber

Preparation of sand samples using air-pluviation technique

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Analysis 

Images analysed using DIC to obtain displacement and strain fields

X-ray Computed Tomography Scans

Agar- and resin-impregnated samples scanned using X-ray Microscope

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