Paper on Helical Phyllotaxis Diffraction Contrast Tomography

We recently published a paper characterizing the crystallographic grain structure in Pure Titanium using advanced Diffraction Contrast Tomography (DCT). We use Helical Phyllotaxis DCT (HP-DCT) acquisition strategy to capture the 3D grain structure of commercially pure Ti at the lab scale and quantitatively compare the DCT grain maps and grain boundary locations against ground-truth EBSD and SEM data to assess fidelity. 

Results indicate that the HP-DCT acquisition approach captures 3D grain maps with high fidelity while saving acquisition and analysis time, especially for larger samples. The paper can be found here:

Panel on faculty careers at R1 Universities.

If you are interested in a career as faculty in an R1 University in the USA, have a look at this panel discussion comprising panelists from Northwestern University (Dr. Ian McCue), The University of Minnesota (Dr. Sayan Biswas), and The University of New Hamshire (Dr. Fei Han). My colleagues and I moderated the panel as a part of seminar series hosted by the Engineering Academic Career Club (EACC) in the Fall of 2022 at Purdue University..